Website Basics on a Budget

Updated 2 Months Ago

You know that you are going to need a website in order to get business these days — obvious, maybe, but a very necessary starting point to get off on the right foot. If you’re on a budget, however, it can be really intimidating to figure out how you are going to get it all done without going over budget.  The good news is that you don’t have to nickel and dime this all-too-important step of your business’ success!  You just have to know where to find the right coupons!

Domain is critical

Even if you don’t know it right now, your domain name is going to be critical to get just right. It’s what people often use to find you and it’s going to be an important part of your SEO strategy.

Frustrated with the prices that you see online just to have your own domain?  We don’t blame you. But, the good news is that there’s a coupon (a couple, actually) for that!  If you want affordable domains, check out the Alibaba Cloud coupon to register a domain for only $0.18 for the first entire year.

You can also take a look at a 97% discount from Namecheap when competing and vying for those top domain names and a $5 discount for .SO domains specifically.

You’ve got your choice from promo codes and sales and they’re all here to help you find affordable domains that customers can use to find you if needed.

Websites can be affordable

Are you planning on putting up an eCommerce Store?  If so, you can enjoy a sale from that will build you an easy-to-use eCommerce store at 40% Off!  This is great for those that want to dabble in the idea of having a website without spending their entire budget in one place.

Looking for a WordPress hosted blog instead?  You can enjoy an impressive coupon for 99% off so that you can get that content rolling and get SEO working for you without having to scrape your pennies together.

Coupons that you care about

Whether you are focusing more on domain or website hosting and design, is here to make it much easier. You can get your small business off the ground and looking its best, relying on verified promo codes and sales that are not only going to pan out, but give you a coupon hub to check back in on regularly when looking for new discounts and sales. Just like coupons in every other venue, these can make a huge difference to your budget and, of course, add a lot of value to your purchase.  Your business’ online presence is important to get right and you deserve to have a chance to do that.

While a lot of coupon websites are sketchy or littered with viruses and other malware that cause you nothing but harm, we are different. We’re not intending on making a profit or selling your information. We just want you to have access to affordable domain listings and websites.