Back to School Shopping on a Budget

Updated 2 Months Ago

There’s no question that shopping to go back to school this year is going to look like no other year we’ve seen. School holds different requirements this year than it has before and that all means new stressors and extra work for those fearful and frazzled parents that need to somehow get it all done quickly and sooner rather than later. If you’re looking for some tips to help you get to the bottom of your list — successfully — as quickly and painlessly as possible, here are some helpers to give you a boost where you need it most.

Budget-friendly shopping done the modern way

As you scan through these tips, what you’ll find is that these are all designed to replace the classic box store shopping, along with it's risks and concerns, better it with the online equivalent.  Plus, you’ll be able to save big, too, which is always going to be a help.

  • Rely on Amazon for the essentials: When you’re trying to get those “just right” scissors, or those legal pads, or even those frustrating ink cartridges, put it all on Amazon! With to guide you on discounts for all of those critical products, you can save money and stick with one source for those essentials.
  • Go to Bealls for dependable school shoes: Need to get your little one some dependable shoes for Gym class? You can get all of the dependable brands that you love, such as Skechers, online from the safety of your home at Bealls. Not only will it be a breeze to match shoe size to foot size, you don’t need to haul your child along from store to store on your search!
  • Try Lenovo for all your tech needs: Whether your child is learning from home this year, trying a hybrid program online, or going to school and using tech as the base, Lenovo has come some great coupons to help everyone make the change as cost-effectively as possible. Yet another online option to help you stay safe and sit let the well-priced accessories you need.
  • Noise cancellation is here: Whether you’ve got a home office set up for your child to go to school from home, or you just need to tune out the world and work on your University essay in the middle of the cafeteria, look to Invisible Shield to help you enjoy some dependable noise cancellation earbuds and headphones without breaking the budget.

Regardless of age or financial situation, the school year is going to look a little different for all of us this year. Maybe it’s a facemask in your lunch box, and maybe it’s the reality of setting up a home-based classroom so that you can stay safe. Perhaps it’s a blend of both.  Whatever the stressor may be, make it easy by heading to to help you save big on all of the must-have school supplies that you need.  After all, you don’t need anything else to worry about right now.