5 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

Updated 2 Months Ago

Money is tight for all of us right now with the world in its current state. If you’re looking at maximizing every penny while you are grocery shopping for the essentials, we’re on board to help you do just that. Below are some great ideas and suggestions to help you earn some real savings using equally real methods to do it. We can all use a little help right now, after all, right?

5 real and doable ways to save at the grocery store

  1. Compare single prices to bulk prices: Without fail, buying something in bulk is going to help you save money compared to buying smaller packages or even single-portion packages. When it comes to something that you use regularly (coffee, for instance), consider buying it in bulk and enjoying the savings that you get when you compare the price of simple prices to the same amount on bulk. It can really save you some serious money.
  1. Say no to impulse purchases by making a list: We’re all prone to impulse buying, of course, but other than because we’ve shopped when we’re hungry, a huge part of it is because we’re shopping randomly.  Cut out those impulses by making a list and using that to guide your focus when moving around the grocery store.  It can not only cut down on your impulse buying, but cut it out entirely!
  1. Go generic: Most people go straight for the name brands, but you’ll want to jump those and go straight to the generic store brands. No only are they half the price, in some cases, you’ll often enjoy some wonderful exploration of different food combinations you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

  2. Make your list using coupons to guide you: As “old lady” like as it may seem, you can also do your part to save yourself some money by taking a look at coupons before you head to the shops. For example, CarlsCoupons.com has some great grocery store themed coupons and codes that are going to give you great discounts. Before you finalize your shopping list, go through the list of deals and coupons to see if there’s any of them that you can take advantage of.
  1. Consider ordering online: On that same note, don’t assume that traditional grocery stores are your only options. You can shop through Amazon and also with other names you trust — Like Vital Choice and Omaha Steaks — but do it entirely from home using discounts to help you enjoy home delivery of meal ingredients that you know and trust, for less.

The grocery store has come a long way since the 1950s and now you can shop for regular use groceries from a traditional store or from the comfort of your couch. No matter how you wish to shop, or what you are looking to buy, do your part to save money by focusing on the right details, and making use of coupons that are waiting for you to do just that. It can save you big time.